Not scraping enough IG Followers

I want to scrape thousands of followers in one go but bardeen is not scraping more than 500 instagram followers, what can I do here?

Also when i try to scrape 1000 followers in two times it scrapes the same 500 followers every time, how do i FIX THIS?

facing the same problem here did anyone help u out

Hi @connect

First thing to check on this case is if you’re running the automation right:
Running this playbook:
Save Instagram following / followers to Google Sheets(or,and%20click%20%E2%80%9CRun%20Playbook%E2%80%9D.&text=You%20can%20save%20the%20information,as%20you%20run%20the%20automation.&text=Press%20enter%20and%20a%20new%20Google%20Sheet%20will%20be%20created.

Over an instagram link like**followers**.

Now, if that isn’t getting all results, it might be that there’s some updates we need to do to our Bardeen scraper for Instagram. Facebook constantly changes their layout and that can lead to outdated scrapers.

Also, the scraper is powerfull for some hundred results but for thousands it can start to run into limits. We’ll see what we can do!

For us to find the issue, can you share some more details:
1- Version of Bardeen you’re using
2- Specific automation link you’re using
3- If you have a IG followers url we can test on (that’s failing for you)

Hi @connect :wave:

Thanks for reporting this

From what I see Instagram loads limited amount of followers, scraper currently can only get data what Instagram is loads:

Can you please let us know if that’s not the case, you see all the followers loaded and executing from the page Ivan mentioned above.

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