Scraping Test From Our Legacy Domain

I’m trying to extract data from our legacy React website located at

I must have spent 10 hours watching the videos and some of the actions / selections I see on the videos don’t match what I see which makes it difficult.

I start off with a Get table from Google Sheet named Legacy Destination (see link below) which consists of a tab called URLs that has a column with title Website URLs and a list of 43 URLs.

Next up I have a Scraper: Scrape data in the background.
Links to pages to be scraped is Get table from Google Sheet:Table .Website URLs
Using scraper template State About Content
Number of list items to extract: Get table from Google Sheet:Table .Website URLs

Then finally, I have add text to Google Sheet
Again the Google Sheet is Legacy Destination to tab Output
Using csv formatted text data Scrape data in the background: table .All fields.

Okay, so then there is the scraper: State About Content
This is probably where the issue is:
I have Scrape data on active tab

there are 3 items. url (chosen from Special Field), ClickAbout which clicks on a tab called About Washington (this might be the problem because each URL has a slightly different anchor text on this link) and then Text1 where I’ve selected all of the text.

When I run the Scraper on the page it was built on, I get a nice pop up with the URL and the requested text and it all looks great.

I can’t see how to test the scraper on an alternative page

When I try to run the overall playbook I get the following warning/error “Impossible to convert some types. We were not able to automatically convert a value from type ‘55+ Communities in AZ | Over 55 Communities in AZ’ to type ‘Integer’. This error is usually encountered if a playbook action is given a field value of a previous command, for which there were no straightforward conversion possible.”

One other thing to point out is that some of the pages have 3 tabs (see example here: 55+ Communities in AZ | Over 55 Communities in AZ) and some have 2 (like Retirement and 55+ Communities in Washington |)

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