Scraper fields empty when using as part of playbook

Super new to scraping and have followed a couple tutorials to get this setup. Happy to provide additional context and clarity as needed if anything below is unclear.

I have a simple playbook that does the following:

  1. Gets table from Google Sheets. This table includes a column with website links.
  2. Scrape data in the background. Using the URLs from the table it runs a scraper template for certain elements on the page.
  3. It appends this information to the google sheet using the website link (first step) and scraped URL (second step) to then add the rest of the data.

The issue is that only the URL field from the scraper template seems to be working, the rest of the fields on that scraper template are blank.

Here’s a screenshot of the scraper template:

Here’s a screenshot of step 2:

Here’s a screenshot of step 3:

Here’s what happens when toggle on “show results” in step 2 to see the scrape data:

Very nice and detailed explanation.
Try to remove the 3 secs delay on the background scraper and try again.

Thanks for the reply Deyan.

I’ve tried with no delay and various delays between 1-10 and still am getting no results. Any other suggestions I should try?

Hi @andrew, the issue is definitely with your scraper template. I would just try to recreate it on a brand new single page template and run the automation again.

I just created your exact sample and was able to return the results so it may just be corrupted somehow.

I hope this helps! Thank you for providing this level of detail!

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