Playbook STOPS without a valid reason

I have a problem with a playbook.
The structure of the playbook is this one:
Navigate to a URL in the current page > SCRAPE page using a scraper template > put data in a Google sheet > wait 2 minutes > repeat for 10 different URLs.

The playbook works fine for the first 2 URLs and the Google sheet is correctly updated but when we reach the third URL the alert popup that you can see attached below showed up.

The scraper template is correct and the page has data.

In fact if I lunch a new playbook in the same URL/TAB with the same scraper it works perfectly.
Below a loom to show you that the scraper is correct and the page has data.

Anyone can help me? Itโ€™s a bug 99%

@manvel have you ever seen this issue?

Itโ€™s potentially related to the fact that active tab scraper is executed before page is loaded, As active tab scraper doesnโ€™t wait for the page to load and if the internet connection is slow that the data is not populated on time, you might want to add a delay action in between, or better use Background scraper, which waits for the page to load.