Scraping a product info from a supermarkt website does not get all the products from a certain category

im trying to scrape inforfation of a certain category of a supermarket. (so i can do the same for another supermarket and compare the prices)
i limmited the scraping to a certain category “meat, fish and vega” to minimise the results.
the scraping seem to work i get the requested product information, but after 37 products it stops. however i see it browse through the different pagnations in the background.
i must say im on a trial version. i would like to know if this is a trial limitation, or that it is a bug or configuration error.
can anyone give me some advise on this matter?

Hi @r.vingerhoed - The scraper template select features sometimes isn’t the most reliable way to get data as it can cause missing/or varied scrapes. However, we can enhance the scraper template by specifying custom CSS selectors for it.

Could you please provide the website you are trying to scrape from so we can inspect the html code to provide you with the specific selectors for this use case? If you could also provide what it is you are looking to scrape from the website, that would be helpful too. Thank you

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the website im trying to scrape is:
its the biggest supermarket in the netherlands.
im ttrying to scrape all products in this category.
name |price | weight

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Thank you @r.vingerhoed - @danmelk are you able to assist with the specific selectors for this use case?

Tried on my end, but I’m not too familiar with creating them yet. Thank you!

The selector I got is from Bardeen is DIV#search-lane:nth-of-type(2) > DIV:first-of-type > ARTICLE
But there are multiple DIVs created after #search-lane
Here is the selector required DIV#search-lane ARTICLE

I’ve stopped at page 5

How to update List Selector
Change CSS Selector

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