Buggy -- 1 item scraper template

Trying to build scraper templates today and it seems like Bardeen is unable to handle picking up more than 1 element on a page. Is there something I can do to help improve this?

When building the scraper templates I need to build multiple scraper templates to scrape multiple items on a list because anytime I try to select multiple items to add to a scraper template Bardeen freezes up and stops working

Hey Skye,

Could you share a recording of the error you are facing please? Just to confirm , when you create a scraper, you are selecting list scraper and not single page correct ?

If you could also share the link you are trying to scrape and what fields you would like to scrape we could look into helping you build it.

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Here is a LOOM link to what I am running into.

I dont need help building this one I figured out a workaround.

However I posted another question about my autobooks not working and I REALLY need help with that one but noone has gotten to it yet

Sorry here is the loom link: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Here is the website link: 291 Best Fitness & Gym Franchise Opportunities in USA for 2022 (UPDATED RANKINGS)

Hi @skye, I took a look at the html of the website and it appears each item isn’t structured so nicely for Bardeen to automatically grab it upon selecting each field.

We can likely solve this by using custom CSS Selectors.

If you can advice of all the data points you’re hoping to scrape from this site, I’ll be happy to take a peak at it for you to see if I can provide you with the custom CSS Selectors and how best to apply them within the scraper template.

Thank you,

I actually dont need help with this page anymore I figured out another solution but I have an autobook that is giving me a ton of trouble I posted about it here: Why are my autobooks not working? - #2 by skye

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