Scraping Product Lists

I’ve searched and couldn’t find my issue.
I’m scraping grocery websites for products and prices.

The scraping steps appears to be working (I can visually see it jumping between pages).
However, none of the data gets recorded to my google sheet.

I simply want to scrape the list of products and their prices, put that into a google sheet.
Am I missing a simple, but key step?



Hi Jack,

What you explained seems to be the correct setup, but I see that your scraper might be running in a loop. Could you please remove one of the limits for it as per screenshot below?

The only other thing I think could go wrong is the mapping for google sheets step. In case if you adjusted the scraper at any point after google sheet mapping was built, the mapping needs to be re-done.

Let us know how it goes or if you have any other questions.

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