Runnning into issues with Bardeen connected to Airtable

Hi, I’m having real problems getting Bardeen to work. I was working with Jess yesterday, trying to work out what I’m doing wrong, but it still doesn’t work, as I had to leave the conversation.

I’ve connected Bardeen to Airtable, but I’m still getting error messages (see attached). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @ian, I signed up for airtable…

Please check that your base is giving Bardeen full rights here inside of airtable:

Then try executing the Bardeen automation again. I hope this helps!

Hi @ian

Seems like you’re reporting a :lady_beetle: Report an issue, yet we need more details to assess your case, like which automation you’re running and the error information.

This guide can help you contextualize us :pray:

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