Inconsistencies and Innacuracies

All day. Automating on Bardeen. I was unable to get Http GET requests to work, and filtering has incredibly strange issues. I quite literally will keep the automation the same but change the input in a place which the automation is normally built in, and I receive an entirely different answer. I literally just need to filter google sheet columns for a word contained within them, but the automation seems not to work.

Hi @reaganroo22, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear you’re running into some issues. Would you mind sharing the automation and more specifically the details around your use case?

We’ll do our best to help you out.
Thank you,

Yes, so initially I wanted Zapier to trigger Bardeen. I make a catch webhook and then sent the GET request to the same URL. Didn’t work.

I then to tried to send all my info from Zapier to a google sheet that triggers Bardeen. Didn’t work- Bardeen doesn’t allow much specification of data with autobooks in Google Sheets.

I then decided that if I couldn’t automate my system entirely, I’d at least need to a filter option which can review my data on a Google Sheet in all fields and determine whether or not a lead is qualified to outreach to. I saw this done in a Bardeen video on YouTube. It continuously produced diferent results despite the fact that I didn’t change anything with the automation.

I love the vision at Bardeen. But there are real issues. Can’t run in cloud, credits are expensive, and background data scraper is buggy within my experience.

If you could help me with my specific use case I’d appreciate it if you messaged me and I could go into more detail. Just sucks because Bardeen is supposed to save you time and instead it wasted probably about 7+ hours of mine yesterday.

Also I let 2 reviews, one on G2 and one on chrome, no credits have been received. Where do I submit them?



Thank you for this information @reaganroo22. I’m still confused on what your whole use case actually is, could you explain the end goal you are trying to accomplish? What are the steps of the whole system? It might help to share a screenshot of your Bardeen automation or if you feel comfortable enough sharing the actual automation too. Sharing your Google Sheet would be helpful too, up to you of course. (I’ll message you)

Bardeen has a lot of triggers so I’m curious if one of those will work for your use case. (Scheduled time, when a new row is added to Google Sheets, etc) Without understanding it totally, I’m can’t say for sure.

Bardeen also offers a lot of filtering options through conditional statements, and Google Sheet formulas can enhance your automations too.

This is good feedback, I share your frustrations. Know that running in the cloud is on its way. Yes, setting up and learning the tool will take time, but I encourage you to stay with Bardeen. Anything you want to automate to save you time in the long run always takes time/heavy lifting on the front end. But in the end, it’s well worth it! Tagging @ivan to make sure this feedback gets to the team.

Thank you!

@reaganroo22 and I were able to connect yesterday. We found that Bardeen’s conditional statement is not working for what we were trying to accomplish. I’m reaching out directly over email support for this one.

We also discussed @reaganroo22’s requirements when it comes to deciding to pay for Bardeen for his various lead analysis needs:

  1. Reliability/accuracy
  2. Pricing vs. OpenAI API

I recommended that @reaganroo22 reach out directly to support regarding the pricing to be sure.

Hi Reagan!

Thanks for sharing the issues and feedback.

Seems like you’ve spotted some possible limitations with out product. We’ll need to check these on detail.

We can grab a chat and help with your use-case.

I’d also like to hear your valuable thoughts on feedback.

(cc: @lucy_bardeen )

I’ll make sure they get added to your account!

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