Remove Duplicate gets an error if they are not all duplicates

I found another bug with the delete duplicate function made by Bardeen. You can see when I run this playbook Shared Playbook | Bardeen I get this error: Dropbox Capture . You can test this by going and doing this filtered search in Madison WI:,multi-family-home/ then run the playbook and it won’t finish and gets hung on an error. I can do all this in Excel with the unique formula but it would remove a step if Bardeen could do it.I was testing this feature and it seems to have a bug and will stall out.

Hi Dan.

From what I can see, I think your playbook is incorrect: in the “field name” of the remove duplicates action, you’re actually passing a field value - that is, you’re telling it to look for columns named “5040 Lake Mendota Dr” (as in the error message).

The solution would be to type the column name instead of selecting from the “Scrape data on active tab : Table” submenu.

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