I've added a user on my team, but he's not being able to access my autobook

Hi. I’ve started using Bardeen today and created an Autobook for a Instagram Scraper, connected to a spreadsheet. I’ve tried inviting an user to my team and shared the autobook with him, but he’s not being able to access it. He connected his bardeen account with his google account and I’ve given editor permission to the spreadsheet.


Thanks for reachin gout. Could you share more details on what you mean by he’s not being able to access it ? I have a few initial troubleshooting questions

  1. Is he able to open the shared link to the autobook ?
  2. Once he clicks the link, can he click Pin It ?
  3. Once he clicks Pin It, does the autobook appear in his account ?

If there is an error message, could you please share it with us

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