Iterating the elements with For loop

I need to iterate through a dropdown list, selecting each element one by one, and retrieve the data associated with each element. Could you please advise on how to use a for loop to accomplish this task?

Hi harishswa9**,**

Could you please share the webpage you are trying to retrieve data from? It may be that either a single list scraper is appropriate, or a list scraper that extracts the links followed by another scraper that processes each page. If you can share more details, that will help.


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I’m unable to provide the URL, but I can share an image of the field I need to crawl. Please take a look at the image and advise on the best approach to complete the task. Here’s the image:

After selecting each country name, the information related to that country is displayed in a div located beneath the dropdown button. I aim to iterate through and crawl the information for all countries.

Hi Harish,

Thanks so much for providing the screenshot. Still, may I ask why you’re unable to send a URL to the website? It would help greatly with providing you with a personalized troubleshooting experience. However, with what you’ve provided, I’d recommend taking the following step:

  1. Use the click feature and the list selector in the scraper to get the link to each of the different dropdown pages.
  2. Do a deep scrape on each of these links to extract the information which you require.

Again, if you’d like further assistance but cannot share the URL, we can possibly have a troubleshooting call where you can share your screen. I hope this helps!


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