How to use Airtable Update action?

I’m trying to use the Airtable Update action and it mostly makes sense how to get it setup, however, the “Done” button is always grayed out and I can’t save some settings. No matter what I try to do it always says the Airtable Update action not finished being set up (the action box is highlighted all red) and it can’t run or even save.

Any help on how to use this action?

Hi @cobalt700

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From the screenshot, it looks like you did not complete field mapping. You need to first click on the checkmark to save the “name” column, and then enter a value to write in that column.

Welcome to the community @cobalt700!

After much wait, we just released this new feature to update records to Airtable :partying_face:.

We announced it on our last release notes: 🆕 [July] Monthly Update on Bardeen: Airtable commands, scraper model suggestions, new use-cases and many fixes! - Version 2.27

We’ll work on documentation on how to use it.

Yet in the meantime, it behaves the same as the Google Sheet update command, which @Deyan_Petrov generously created a tutorial here: How to use Update Google Sheet rows

PS: Remember to post your questions on :question:Help and questions instead of :checkered_flag: Getting started . Moving it that way

Ah, I totally missed that tiny check mark that seems to have made it happy, thanks for that!

However, I’ve been playing with it for a bit and I still can’t get it to actually work and find and update any records. I pared it down to the simplest possible flow I could imagine and it will only ever append new records, no matter what I try it won’t update any records. And regardless, from what I can surmise it should never add new records, only update them, so it’s definitely not working correctly for me.

Any thoughts?

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That sounds buggy, yeah. Can you share the automation and details for us to check?

Can be here or even better if you can report it on :lady_beetle: Report an issue