🆕 [July] Monthly Update on Bardeen: Airtable commands, scraper model suggestions, new use-cases and many fixes! - Version 2.27

Copied from our Release Notes.


This month’s highlights are improvements in Airtable commands, improved scraper model suggestions, and bug fixes in Magic Box, and Salesforce.

New Features

Sales Use-cases

Bardeen has expanded our sales use-cases to include LinkedIn and Company Research. Here are some of our favorites:


We are hosting an event on August 17th called “5 essential AI tools” to teach the Bardeen community how to better use UI to power their workflow.

New videos to learn :rocket: automation use-cases

  1. How to Automate Manual Tasks in Salesforce
  2. Summarize and send emails to Slack


  • Scraper model now shows the most active tab as the top suggestion
  • Creating playbooks that automate actions between Hubspot and Salesforce can be done from Magicbox
  • Field mapping expanded to playbooks that use “Merge all tables,” “Delete duplicates,” or "Get all unique items”
  • “Get page as PDF” command now allows users to specify the name of the file to be created
  • Update and Add commands in Airtable take the same inputs as the Google Sheet command
  • Text in Builder UI is more reader-friendly, especially for actions with multiple and missing inputs
  • Users can now scrap outside the container more consistently
  • Users can now use ‘focus’ as an action taken by the scraper for a given input
  • You can now correctly re-run playbooks from the history of previous runs
  • Users will see more detailed information when there is a problem with a credit charge
  • Builder has a new sidebar


  • Duplicate Salesforce Contacts are not created when using lead generation playbooks
  • Salesforce, HubSpot, and Calendly now always show up as choices in the onboarding flow
  • Adding records to Airtable that are Dates, Numbers, or Currencies now works correctly
  • Fixed bug that would block playbook execution when a Google Sheet in the playbook is empty
  • Google Sheets error messages are more helpful to users
  • Fixed issue where the playbook would break after scraper suggestion from Magicbox
  • Fixed running several Magicbox playbooks that falsely said the playbook was not compatible with the current version of Bardeen
  • Fixed UI bug in user settings where the page kept on reloading
  • Fixed icons in the errors tab of the Activities popup
  • Fixed “Get image generated with OpenAI” action
  • Extracting the day of the week or the month of a date value within a playbook now works correctly
  • Fixed the appearance of Airtable actions in the builder
  • Fixed a bug where users can’t finish creating a playbook in Builder with the enter key after specifying a playbook name
  • Fixed errors that occurred when saving inputs to playbooks from the catalog
  • Fixed an issue where a playbook is sometimes not saved or renamed
  • Fixed playbook error that reported negative summary length
  • Community FAQ now points to the correct community link
  • Fixed an issue where scraper snapshots could not be pushed to the cloud
  • Fixed a bug where the playbook sharing modal would close when you clicked into the input for "video link”
  • Fixed pagination issue in scraper
  • Fixed error when sharing a scraper playbook would reference a previous version of the playbook
  • More descriptive scraper errors when there is an invalid URL
  • Youtube comments are now consistently scraped