🆕 [June] Monthly Update on Bardeen: Scraper model suggestions , bulk credits and Twitter updates. - Version 2.25

Copied from our Release Notes.


This month’s release contains one major feature (the ability to have Bardeen auto-suggest scraping models). Otherwise, we resolved bugs and improved performance in multiple areas including Salesforce, the results produced by Magicbox, and the UI for displaying and purchasing Bardeen credits.

New Features

Scraper Model Suggestions

You can now use auto-generated suggestion scraper models to scrape a web page in addition to still being able to create your own mode for scraping.

Our model looks at the page and intuits object types that you are likely looking to scrape, and makes it much easier to use. You can extend and build on top of the model generated by Bardeen to further customize how you scrape the data. We also have over 100+ scraper models that you can use as a starting point for your scraper.


We recently migrated our community from Slack to Discourse to provide a better user experience for community members. Discourse provides a couple of key advantages – here are my favorite three:

  1. Getting help. Discourse provides a better format for getting help and asking questions to both people in the community and at Bardeen to ensure you quickly figure out and resolve any issues you might have.
  2. Vote on ideas / bugs directly in Discourse. Instead of reporting your issues and ideas on a separate platform (we used Canny), you can now upvote others’ ideas or bugs to prioritize them in Discourse. Everything is centralized in a single platform and is shared directly with the Bardeen team.
  3. Learning about Bardeen. Like any new skill, learning about the automations takes practice. Discourse provides a great knowledge base of valuable resources curated by Bardeen’s team.

Find out more in the community! We will officially only be using Discourse by the end of July for our support platform.

Note: unfortunately we will be disabling Tweet fetching actions due to Twitter’s pricing model. You will still be able to use our other Twitter actions, like posting tweets as well as following user profiles.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Menu button and slider components have new UI
  • Users can now buy bulk extra credits:

  • Magicbox provides better search results for Salesforce integrations

  • Fixed errors in Salesforce and Hubspot integrations that prevented creating some playbooks

  • Fixed an issue where we were not differentiating between extra credits and regular user credits

  • Salesforce o-auth flow, Get and Create actions now work more consistently across edge-cases

  • Fixed Create HubSpot company action

  • Fixed amount due calculation

  • Fixed bugs with Create Salesforce Lead action

  • Create Salesforce Lead action now requires a company as an input to ensure successful execution

  • Matching and search terms are now optional for all Get Salesforce actions

  • ChatGPT playbook links now work when opened up anywhere, not just when clicked in the browser

  • Changed Calendly action name from Find to Get’ which returns the user’s currently active scheduling link. Find was only appropriate for a user with multiple links, and restricted building more complicated playbooks on top of the initial Calendly action

  • Error messages no longer appear if the user deleted a playbook that was highlighted

  • Fixed a bug where clicking “Ask me every time” in field mapping didn’t do anythingPreformatted text