Help Scraping Facebook Pages with certain website names and followers numbers to Google Sheets


I just discovered Bardeen, and I’m trying to scrape Facebook pages to gather a list of Book Reviewers specific to the fantasy genre (so I can contact them to review my book).

I’m able to get the Playbook "Save Facebook pages from search to Google Sheets " to work, but I’ve been trying to customize it.

What I want to do:

  1. Only add pages that have “Fantasy” in the Facebook page title to my Google Sheet
  2. AND only add pages that have over 500 followers

I was trying to use the “if” conditional statement to do both, but I feel like I’m missing something obvious and fundamental here while trying to build the automation myself.

It’s not incorporating either of the conditions I want to apply.

Here’s my best attempt at the automation:

I appreciate the help! Happy to read any literature on how to use the conditional statements.

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Hi @noellenichols, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

Thank you for providing all of these details! This is a great use case to obtain potential reviews on your book!

I haven’t had much luck with the conditional statements inside of Bardeen myself. But here’s what I would do:

For #1, I would get delete the conditional action in the Bardeen action and instead use this as my Facebook search:

– This will filter to only titles that have “Fantasy” in it for you.

For #2, I suspect that Bardeen is unable to parse the word “followers” from the actual number in order for the other conditional statement action you’ve got in your automation to work if it’s greater than “500”

For this, I would update the scraper model to only grab the number “28”, instead of what it’s doing now “28 followers”. Then try the automation again to see if the conditional statement will work.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for the help, Jess!

I created my first custom scraper this morning, which allowed me to grab the description of the Facebook page as well. Which was very exciting. Using asterisks on Facebook worked great. I was mistakenly using quotations at first.

I’m still working on getting the conditional statement to work, but I understand now why it wasn’t working.

If I get it to work, I’ll post again! If not, it’s not a big deal. I can use Google Sheets to filter by follower count.

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Awesome news! I look forward to hearing your update as you learn more :smiley:

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