Input City and Scrape Results

I’m trying to scrape Facebook places using a google sheet of place that defines the search.

I was able to create a playbook and scraper template that inputs the city, but it isn’t scraping a looping through the results.

Hi Carl,

To loop through a list, you will need to use the ‘Scrape data in the background’ action.

  1. Under the Links to be scraped option, you’ll need to map it to the column in the google sheet with the facebook links.
  2. For the scraper template, you can use the facebook places template you have in the current playbook. If you want to only scrape the first 10 or 20 results, you can set that in the scraper action
  3. I would recommend having all the facebook links to be scraped with the search term in Google sheets.
  4. Add an ‘add rows to google sheet action’ at the end so the results go back to the google sheet.


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There aren’t multiple links. I’m looping through inputting multiple cities/state combinations into a single input field > scraping the results list > input next city/state.

Hi Carl,

I think i didn’t understand what you meant before. You want to apply the location filter on facebook pages search ? That isn’t possible with Bardeen unfortunately. Instead you will need to search for ‘Search Term + Location’ in the search box for facebook. Is that something that works for you ?

Alternatively, is there a reason why you would prefer scraping facebook pages over Google maps ? That might be better.

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Yes I want to input the city/state into the box for each search, then scrape. I could do that with a scrape template for one row but can’t loop. The entire city/state list column in the google sheet.

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