Facebook Pages Scrapping

I want to scrap data from the list that is given from facebook. So the data that I want to scrap are:

  1. Phone number
  2. link of facebook page
  3. e-mail
  4. Adresses

Unfortunately I was not able to do it.


Are you trying to do this from a list of Facebook search results ? We have a pre-built playbook that scrapes Facebook business pages and a video to guide you through the set up.

If you’re still facing issues, it would be amazing if you could send us:

i) A Loom video of the issue you are facing
ii) A copy of the playbook you are using, and
iii) The link to the page you are trying to scrape


I have followed all the instructions, with 5 items, and it worked.

I tried with 10 or 50 or 100 elements, but it fails. The plugin page stays opened with the progression bar. I have waited several hours but nothing happens.

What’s wrong ?


Hi Jerome,

If you’re scraping with multiple rows, you must be using our background scraper. We usually recommend setting a custom delay on the background scraping of 3-5 seconds , just so that page has time to load before the scraper tries to do its thing.

Could I also ask you to update your version of Bardeen to the latest version (2.37.2). We have recently released a new version which addresses the issue you were having. You can check your current version of Bardeen in Google Chrome by following the steps in my screenshot below (the version number will appear next to the Bardeen extension):


We also have a guide on how to update you Bardeen version: https://community.bardeen.ai/t/how-to-update-bardeen/1009

If the troubleshooting steps above don’t work, I’ll be happy to help you further if you could share:

  1. The list of the elements you are trying to
  2. The playbook you are using

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