Facebook pages scraper not getting phone numbers

Hi, I just started and I think this is exactly what I need… Basically just need to scrape business owner data from facebook.

I use the Playbook called Facebook PAGES from search to Google Sheets.

But my question is… how do I scrape the phone number?? How do i change the template to extract phone numbers?? It’s in my prospects facebook pages, and Bardeen takes all the info I need (email) but not the phone number.

Please help.

anyone??? hello? I think this might be an easy work around

Hi @timsolntsevv - it appears the scraper template in this playbook does include the phone number so you should be able to scrape it as long as the Facebook page has a phone number to scrape.

If I’m missing something, please provide more details like the facebook page you are scraping from, your GSheet, and Playbook. Thank you!

Hey Jess, please see the loom recording… Whatsapp number doesnt mean its picking up the actual phone number

Can someone please assist and help with direction on how to change the template to capture phone numbers???

Thank you for the loom video @timsolntsevv. As this is a Bardeen Scraper Template, only Bardeen can edit the template.

@ivan - It appears the “Facebook page (by Bardeen)” Scraper Template may need an update for the below data points as it is not currently working per the above video:

Could you please ensure this is updated so it will work properly for our users? Thank you!

Thanks for reporting this!

We’ll share internally so we can update this scraper. In the meantime, we might be able to share the updated selectors for these fields.

thanks for the prompt resolution! it now works!

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@ivan Unfortunately it did not succeed with providing the data. Take a look at the video i made

@ivan were you able to look into this?

@Jess ?? can you help me please with whats happening?

Hi @timsolntsevv, the error showing in the Google Sheet Cell is because the phone number starts with a ‘+’. Thus Google believes you are trying to use a formula. If you remove all of the pluses in that column, the error will be removed.

I hope this helps!

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