Scrapping a Google maps search engine embedded in a website page

Hello Everyone,

New to Bardeen, but I have loved it so far and look forward to continuing to use it! I just have a quick question for you all. I am looking to scrape the search results of what looks like to be an embedded google maps section on a website page. When I am building out my actions in the playbook template specifically the list or table function I can’t seem to grab the individual items that Bardeen recognizes the different items. I can grab items above the google maps insert, but can grab any of the information embedded in the websites google search map. Anyway I can get this information scraped?

Hey gmcclure! Welcome to Bardeen’s community!

We’re glad to hear that you’re enjoying using Bardeen so far.

Regarding your question about scraping the search results from an embedded Google Maps section on a website page, it might be a bit more complicated to scrape information from within an embedded element.

However, we do have Google Maps scrapers available that you can use directly from Google Maps itself.

Could you please share the page you’re trying to scrape?

That way, we can provide you with more specific guidance.

Hi gmcclure,

As Ivan mentioned we need to have access to the website to see what exactly is going on. This might require to create custom selector to grab the information. If you leave the URL for the relevant page we will have a look into it as soon as we can.

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Hello Everyone,

Thanks for the responses! Here is the link that I am talking about. Let me know if I am doing something wrong, thanks!

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