Google Maps Scraper Won't Provide Emails?

I can’t find the option to scrape Google maps search results and also get emails for each website in the result listing. Can someone please help me out?

Hi @advancedindoormedia, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

It sounds like you want to obtain all email addresses from each website that returns from a Google Maps search result.

To accomplish this, I recommend the following actions in your Bardeen automation:

  1. Scrape the website URLs from the Google Maps Search using a List Scraper Template
  2. “Get page as HTML”
  3. “Find email addresses in”

The following playbook would work for this use case (if the websites contain email addresses):

  • Please note it is currently only set to retrieve the first three search results

I hope this helps!
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Hi there,

I’ve checked some google maps listings and I don’t see any of them having an email address. If you could share some, then we would be able to add it to the scraper for you.

Alternatively, if you were referring to scraping email addresses from the company’s website, then Jess’ solution above would work.

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Yes it did help, however I am receiving this error.

Please ensure to run this command from a web page (not new tab, or extension page).

I opened the search in a new browser window what am I doing wrong here?

Hi @advancedindoormedia,

Because we’re using the “Scrape data on active tab” action below:

You have to make sure you run the Bardeen Playbook from the Google Search Results page, like this one for example:
Apple Store - Google Maps

Active tab - means the selected browser tab at the moment. The one that is in focus.

Hey why am I getting this error now?

The URL you provided (https://) is not valid.

It is running through the pages down the list in maps search and then I get that? It was working before…


If you are scraping Google Maps results, it could be because one of the URLs on the listings is not valid.

You can overcome this by first scraping the Maps search results to a Google sheet, then removing any rows with erroneous URLs , then running a second playbook to scrape the individual links for the fields you want


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Could you send me a playbook to scrape a list of urls into a spreadsheet? The one I have now isnt working for some reason.

And I just checked all the website urls they are correct.

It keeps giving me this when I try to get the emails from the list in spreadsheet…

Find all emails from a list of websites in Google Sheets. Using Email Test using Website using Ogden Realtor.

Please ensure to run this command from a web page (not new tab, or extension page).


Here is our pre-built scraper for Google Maps search results:

The webpage linked above has instructions on how to run the playbook too. Let me know if you need more help at all.

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The answer to this is the same answer mentioned above here:

Are you running the below playbook from the Google Sheet I presume?

If you want to run it from the google sheet, you need to replace the first action “Scrape data from active tab” with the “Get table from Google Sheet” action.

That is the one I am trying to run but it didn’t put any of the results into the output csv the last time I tried it.

It could be because none of the websites provided have email addresses.

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