Problem with Bardeen not scraping phone numbers

Hey guys! Been loving Bardeen so far but have been facing this issue for a while. I need to scrape phone numbers from google maps results to upload to google sheets, but whenever I run the automation and download as CSV the phone numbers just show this: #ERROR!
I have tried clicking on the column, click edit, find and replace, find + and replace with ( ) “nothing but clicking on the space bar” but to no avail. Anyone has any idea how to fix this? Much appreciated.

(I never had this issue while scraping from any other platform btw, this has been going on since I started using google maps and I really need a fix for it)

Hi @eugenio, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

Would you mind sharing the following details?

  • Publically shared Google Sheet
  • An example URL of a Google Maps phone number you are trying to scrape

HI @eugenio ,

I tried using one of our pre-built playbooks that does this and didn’t face any issues. Do you mind trying that ?

Also, it might help to output the results straight to a google sheet instead of importing the CSV to a google sheet

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