Bardeen and Google Maps API

Hi everyone. :slight_smile:

It might be not a ‘getting started topic’ but can you explain how the Bardeen scraper for Google Maps handles the API blockage after 120 results? Does your scraper have a solution for that?


Hi @vilane.g.sales

I think you’re reffering to errors or limits you might get when using Google Maps API.

Ex: پیغام خطا  |  Maps JavaScript API  |  Google for Developers

Yet, consider Bardeen’s doesn’t have a Google Maps API connection. Our scraper is able to get data from a google maps site from your current tab.

Example automation:

Our scrapers are built with good practices and delays to reduce the risk of getting detected as a bot.

We haven’t gotten any reports of people blocked by Google Maps scraping - yet do consider it’s your own risk.

Does this respond to your question?

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