Getting error and don't understand why

Hey friends
New here
I’m trying to do scraping for some course - pulling its name, address and transcript.
What I want to do is something like this:

  1. I want to take the name and URL of a certain lesson and put it in an Excel table.
  2. I want to take the transcript and put it in Google Docs (if it’s also possible to translate it, that’s great) and upload it to the folder of the course I created.
  3. I want to add the link to the Google Sheets file with the translated transcript next to the “class name” and the URL.
  4. I want to move to the next lesson on his page I do the scraping.
  5. Repeat all these steps.

Is it possible?

In the meantime I tried to do it on one tab because I didn’t understand how I ask the system to work a page but for some reason it returns the following error when I try to download the file -

Hi @zeremitay.mcc, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

In order to determine if this is possible, we’ll need the following in order to further troubleshoot your use case:

  1. The website(s) you are trying to scrape from
  2. The Bardeen automation you’ve setup

For future questions, it’s best practice to provide a link to your automation as well as any other necessary details/resources.

Thank you,

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Thanks Jess! Yes those details are necessary.

@zeremitay.mcc I’m a bit confused on your use-case.

If you’re scraping a course (which platform?) and from there saving the information into GSheets and GDocs, then save those in a GDrive, it certainly sounds possible!

We’ll need more steps to help further.

Seems like a complex scenario, so I would recommend dividing it on small automations you can approach separately.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply.
I can give you access to the course but it won’t matter because you need a username and password.
Why should it matter what platform it is? After all, in the end I managed to pull the title and the URL.
I can attach a screenshot if it helps you.

As for the automation I tried to do, this is what I’ve done so far -

The website matters so we can better understand your use case, all the details matter so we can help you accomplish your end result.

Thanks for the screenshots, but we’ll need to have you share the automation so we can open the builder to actually take a deeper look at how you’ve built it.

and i also made a video

thank you!

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Okay the automation you shared is very different than the one you’re showing in the Loom video.

Could you please stop sharing and reshare that one instead?

i actually shared exactly what in the video but i’ll share it again -

Thank you sir, but this is still not the updated version you’ve got in the video:

You have to stop sharing and then re-share it to get the most updated version.

can you check this one please?

this is how i do it -

do i miss something?

Yes you are missing hitting this button first.

here is the new one
i am not sure why will i need to Unshare it but ok
is it ok now?

It looks good now, you have to unshare it in order to reshare it so that I will receive the most up to date version as automations change as you add/remove/change actions inside the builder.

Try pinning and running this one:

hey jess thanks!
it is not working :frowning:
i made a video of it -

I think if it’s not possible I’ll give up already :frowning:
I remember that there is an automation system that knows how to do this scraping more easily.
Thank you very much!

@Jess what do you think?

This one should work:

I updated the last action to make sure it includes the title of the word document when uploaded to your GDrive.

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@zeremitay.mcc following up here, did it work for you?

Let us know how we can help.

Otherwise closing this