Get new youtube comment notification on slack from a youtube video link?

Hi @adigold1, welcome to the community :wave: :cat_jam:

This is a very interesting use-case.

It is possible to monitor youtube comments with Bardeen, we actually have a Youtube Comments scraper made by Bardeen that you can use here.

So it is completely possible to monitor 1 or more videos for comments.

Option 1: Use monitor website data changes over all the youtube channel links.

Yet… this is limited if you want to monitor all the youtube videos on your channel, and keep it updated with new videos you upload.

This is more tricky since the “when website data changes” trigger can’t be inputted with dynamic data, like a list of the youtube videos on your channel.

This could be a great :bulb:Share an idea to make. It’s something we can look into (@manvel :eye: ).

Option 2:

I can think of a workarround to keep the data updated by doing 3 automations.

  1. Scrapping all your youtube channel videos (we have a scraper for this) and saviing into google sheets.

You can do this recurrently using “When scheduled event ocurrs” trigger, and using the Update google sheet rows action. How to use Update Google Sheet rows

  1. Making a “when scheduled event” trigger autobook, that every day does the followin actions:
  • Get table from Google Sheets
  • Get the youtube video links
  • Scrape them in the background to get their comments
  • Use update google sheets rows to save the comments on a different tab or spreadsheet.
  1. Use an autobook that monitors new rows on the comments list, and when it does, it’ll send a slack message

So basically:

  • When google sheet rows is added to the “Comments” tab or spreadsheet
  • Send a custom slack message :smiley:

Let me know how it goes and it you need further clarification.