Using Bardeen to get a Dialy Digest of Discourse Notifications

We’re all swimming in notifications, and it’s always a struggle to find what’s relevant.

This is true for me too. I get many discourse notifications on what’s happening inside the community.

So I figured… I might be able to automate this process with a bit of scraping + AI.

I’ve made this automation:

Get a daily discourse unread notification prioritized in slack - Community Automations.

This will use AI to destill the important notifications from Discourse into a message, and share the a daily report on Slack.

Made it for myself, sharing in case it’s useful for others.
Here’s an example on how the output looks like:

To run it, just input the following:

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Quick Question: How did you know which OpenAI Model to use? Does Bardeen have a reference guide on which ones are good for specific outcomes?

We don’t have a guide.

Yet good feedback, could be an interesting topic for the :books: Knowledge Base

For me, I just test the automations with the detault model (ChatGPT-3.5) and test the output. Sometimes GPT4 is more powerfull, but it consumes more credits, so I try to be mindfull and only use it on certain cases.

Sorry for all of the notifications Ivan :wink:

This is a good daily digest to stay on top of it though, thank you!

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Love the naming haha

“Daily suggest for Discourse”

Can work for many other apps too :thinking:

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