How to get LinkedIn Comment url

I am using the bardeen plugin for scraping comments it works well but it does not scrape the URL of the comment. It captures the URL to the page but not the URL to the direct comment eg in the example scape the latest comment should have a URL of

At the moment the URL is captured but it’s just to the main page

One other thing I could not work out was how to generate a google spreadsheet file with today’s date/time eg FILENAME = 03-31-2024-09-59


Thanks so much for reaching out with the following issue. We do not currently support getting the comment links for each of the comments on a LinkedIn post. This is because it involves copying the link manually in the following way:

Fortunately, our engineers have had this issue on our roadmap for quite some time and we are working towards a reliable way to accomplish your task. As for making a new google sheet with the name of a current time, please see the playbook below on how to do that. You just use the “get current time” command on Bardeen and then use the “create google sheet” command afterwards. Hope this helps!



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