Could someone confirm if this is correct?

I am building a job posting website which Im using Bardeen to scrape job posting from my competitors website save into my Google sheets.

Here is how I have set up my flow.

  1. Website changes trigger - Post my competitors url to monitor changes.

  2. Creating scraper number 1 using lists and scraping URL only

  3. Creating scraper number 2 using single page to scrape titles, authors, job descriptions based off the scraper number 1 URL.

  4. Save into my Google sheets

Here are my question…

I have tried to create a new job post on my competitors website to see if my workflow to notice the changes to the competitors website to start the work flow but even after 20 minutes if is failing to monitor the changes to my competitors website. Since this function is not working properly what are the alternative solutions to this?

Hey @ksw09061995 yeah I’ve had similar issues lately.

An alternative is using the

  1. Scheduled event triggers command and make it happen at your expected frequency.

  2. And then updating information with “update google sheet rows”

If you’re trying to scrape job postings from your competitor - that’s a really cool use-case, I bet with big operational impact for your business.

If you’re exploring other ways to achieve this - my agency is equiped to help with Bardeen or other solutions capable of getting it done.

If that sounds interesting, let’s connect on LinkedIn or schedule a free Strategy Session where we can dive into how we can help.

PS: Which platform is your competitor using to host their job posts? Can you share the link?

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