Free Account With Autobooks Lost & Replaced with New Trial Account for the same email!

Description of the issue:

I logged out of my free account (after trial) with all my scrappers and autobooks set in. Suddenly when I login it register into a new trial account and all my hours and days and weeks of work on autobooks are lots.

Steps to reproduce this issue:

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  1. I tried logging in and out and it still shows the same thing.
Bardeen version: 2.40.1

Anyone else faced this issue?

I just noticed a bug you might need to address.

I tried again but this time I login manually using the same email and I got back my account.

However when I use the google SSO, I get into another account.

Both are under the same email.

Admin please assist me not to delete my old account (the one signed in manually using the email address in bardeen).

However take note the same email can create 2 accounts. One under manual method. Another under SSO.

At the moment I got the account back. Phew!

Thanks for reaching out and sharing this issue with our community.

Iโ€™ve replied your email to us as well but will share the solution here so other users can benefit from us.

If you find that you have logged in and all your playbooks are missing, check that you have logged in using the same login method as your original account. If you use a different login method to login, this will cause a new account to be created (but donโ€™t worry, the original account will still be there when you use the correct login method)

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