Autobooks and playbooks missing after logging out and back in


when I logged out of my extension and back into the bardeen extension all of my autobooks and playbooks got deleted and won’t reload. Let me know what needs to be done here to get them back.


@ivan here is some more data around this.

  1. I used Google login when i first made my account and when I logged out and back in
  2. All my scrapers are gone now as well. I went back to the real estate channel and pinned the playbooks I made back to my account but none of the scrapers show up so I can’t edit any of them. This is the real issue because now I can’t improve any of those scapers.

Can we please get all my scrapers associated with my account again so I can edit them? I can send you a list of them because they look like they are working but not associated with my account for some reason. I have to assume it was something with the Google login that disassociated them somehow.


Hi Dan

Thanks so much for sharing this, it’s pretty urgent indeed!

If you’ve been getting this issue where you’re missing your scraper templates or playbooks, feel sure we’re on top of it!

Your data is not lost, it’s only a frontend issue of your automations or scrapers not visualizing.

Our engineering team is prioritizing this issue, and we’ll keep updating on updates!

Remember you can check for updates on the app every wednesday

Thanks for all the help with this :slight_smile:

There potentially can be multiple accounts being associated with user email, the account user create with Login+Password to sign into the Bardeen and The account that user sign in with “Sign in with Google” button, are 2 different accounts. So if you logged in with “Sign in with Google” button and can’t find your playbooks+models, try using Login+Password and vice-versa.

@manvel I want to say thank you for your amazing support and quick response to all of this. You guys are the best !!!


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