Extracting from LIVABL Real Estate Listing Not Detected the Correct Info INTO Sheets

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I’m interested in using this tool and have presented it to my boss because I see its potential. However, as a newcomer to tech, I’m encountering challenges navigating the extraction of information from each job posting to Google Sheets due to varying UI designs from one page to another.

Is there a method to reliably detect the information I need without relying on its specific placement? For example, ‘Builder(s):’ is one detail I need to extract, and it worked well on one website page that I used to create the scraping template. However, on another page, the builder information was not detected, and instead, another detail was inputted. I’ve observed that the placement of these details differs slightly on each page. How can I resolve this issue?

Please help me. I would really appreciate it

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From a technical point of view, scraping highly relies on placement of certain element on a webpage. Basically when you configure a scraper it will look for elements with the same id or class and not check what is the actual content of that element. This is why a different scraper must be built for every website or even page of a website and only pages with the same structure can be scraped with the same scraper.

If you are looking for a universal solution, maybe you can consider our AI solution for scraping that can involve AI to find necessary information on a website:

Also I will be happy to take a look at the inconsistencies you get with your current solution if you share the details.

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