Not getting the expected data from the scraper. Can someone help with my scraper set up?

Hello Guys, i am trying to have automation to obtain name, email and pn from the below profile. i tried to do it but it seems to be different.

Hi Emmanuel, welcome to Bardeen! :cat_jam:

Seems like you’re trying to scrape real estate data?

This case seems to have some tricky layout, which Bardeen’s automatic scraper is not able to capture.

I’m betting this case is possible, yet it requires to refine the CSS selectors to get the accurate information.

If you’re looking for a user who can help you do this, I’d advise looking at :briefcase: Jobs and Gigs or freelance portals.

You essentially need the CSS selectors from those fields, so you can input them into the bardeen scraper editor:

Tagging @dan from our team in case he’s able to take a look too

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Hi @emmanuelsanchez20 - It appears the Email Address and Phone Number are no longer on this page.

Here’s the CSS Selector I used to grab the correct information for the Name:

head > title

I hope this helps!

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