Editing Playbook leads to all changes auto-deleting themselves

Description of the issue:

I attempted to edit a playbook, which copies data from a Tweet into a Notion database, but the playbook pre-existing actions disappear and my changes can never be saved. I do not believe editing is not allowed, otherwise I should get some error message? Plus, what’s the point of an uneditable playbook template?

Steps to reproduce this issue:

I open the Playbook in Builder, click on one of the steps and edit. This step matches the scrapped data fields from the tweet to the corresponding Notion database column to store it. However, when I try to add a new column, before I’m about to click “Done” to indicate all my columns are formatted correctly, all the columns disappears as if I had reloaded the page without saving. Below I included screenshots from before and after the wipe.

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Link to Playbook or Autobook (if applicable):


:movie_camera:Screenshots (optional, but recommended):

I can only include one embedded media because I am new user, per the forum rules.

But here is my attempt to add this a column. Right after I select (any)option from the suggested actions, all columns listed here disappear and I just see “Create columns and map the data…” as I had manually removed everything.


I do not get any other error indicating my account does not have credits or permission to edit the playbook, thus I do not know what is going on. I have refreshed every page involved.

This playbook is the entire reason I got a Bardeen account, so I appreciate if someone can help. Thanks.