Create contact from Linkedin => Hubpost fails

Linkedin scrapping was working fine with my linked premium and exporting the data in a file as intended

After adding a step to create a hubspot contact, there is a bug. I am losing the ability to open the editor.

And when running the playbook it creates an empty contact in hubspot

Hi Paul,

Could you please try updating to the latest version of Bardeen and see if the issue persists ?

If it does, please send us a link to your playbook so we can have a look at what went wrong.

Here’s how you can update your version of Bardeen:

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Navigate to your extensions page by either:
    ◦ Opening a new tab and typing chrome://extensions into the address bar.
    ◦ Clicking on the three-dot icon at the top right corner of the browser, selecting “More tools,” and then “Extensions”.
  3. Enable “Developer mode” by toggling the switch in the top-right corner of the extensions page.
  4. Once Developer mode is enabled, additional options will appear on the page. Look for the Bardeen extension, Click Details and click the “Update” button.
    This will force Chrome to download and install any available updates for Bardeen.


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