Can't find Trello board

Description of the issue:

@info.hayyko is unable to find the appropriate Trello board and list to add the scraped data to, rendering Bardeen ineffective for Facebook scraping. Happened to me too.

Error message (if aplicable):

Please paste the error message below: NO ERROR

Steps to reproduce this issue:

Run Shared Playbook | Bardeen over a facebook post.
I tried it and got the same error, no lists appeared:

Bardeen version: 2.25.1

:information_source: How to check the Bardeen version: right click on your Bardeen extension > Click on Manage Extension > Copy the extension version number.

Link to Playbook or Autobook (if applicable):

Ex: Shared Playbook | Bardeen

:movie_camera:Video recording or screenshots (optional, but recommended):

Nice thanks for getting more help on this, when can i expect a response btw? Looking to use bardeen asap cuz I love the tool but can’t really use it.

Hey @danmelk and @ivan,

I tried disconnecting Trello and connecting it again, but unfortunately, it still can’t find the right Trello list to add the card in. I rebuild the scrapper to scrape comments (name and link to their profile), but I still got the same error (it only scrapes one comment, the one that I’ve selected in order to try the automation, and when I tried it on another post it said this below.

Capture d’écran, le 2023-07-13 à 10.55.21

Now I’ve been trying to build other automation but if I can’t add those leads into Trello, I can’t use Bardeen.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi @info.hayyko , yep this issue is reported!

It’s blocking almost all the integration so it will be prioritized.

Every tuesday we do a release, so by wednesday you can try updating your app to check if it’s fixed. :smile:

@ivan Hey I waited to see if it was fixed and it’s still not fixed at this point, what can I do? Need this automation, but can’t use it at all if I can’t use trello!

Hi @info.hayyko no updates yet, unfortunately. I’ve looped it internally again.

This should have been resolved. Trello integration has been rebuilt from the ground up and this issue was fixed in the process.

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