Facebook Comments - scrapping issue!

Hey Bardeen folks,

I’ve been trying for the past day to scrape comments from facebooks post, it seems like it scraping only 1 comment, and it’s always the same person and I can’t find the right Trello board and list to add the data to. So overall I can’t do anything with Bardeen right now, at least on Facebook, would love some help on this.

I recorded a video to explain my issue:


Hey @info.hayyko

Seems like 2 issues:

1. Scraper isn’t properly getting results.

In this case we don’t have a comment scraper for Facebook, so you , and it’s not viable to create
We need a couple inputs:

  1. The automation link.
  2. Which page you scraped with Facebook, so we can try to understand what’s wrong with the scraper, maybe share the selectors you need.

Yet I’m unsure if it’s possible to build a comment scraper that gets all comments AND their responses.

This tutorial can also help: The Ultimate Scraper Tutorial | Extract Data Without Code

2. You’re not finding the Trello boards for your account.

This might be a :lady_beetle: Report an issue , can you share it there? It’s a different topic.

Input needed: If you see any Trello errors on the error tab, please share. These are important to find a solution:

Share the error

Hey Ivan , thanks for your response, here is the link to the automation: Shared Playbook | Bardeen , there are no errors for Trello, and the link to the page is used on Facebook was just a random post, let me know if you need anything else!

Seems like this is how you’re trying to create the linear items

Fist issue: seems to be with the scraper, it only got me 1 result per post.

I suggest you to re-do the scraper.

@danmelk might be able to support us here with selectors for this case.

Second issue: on Bardeen’s end. I also didn’t get any trello lists pop up

I’ve reported this here: Can't find Trello board

Hope to get updates soon!

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