I can't scrape facebook group feed url.

I can’t scrape facebook group feed url.

Hello everyone, I want to scrape the data in the group feeds section and export it to a Google Sheets, but I can’t get a link to the scraped post. how can I do this?
Because in order to get the link, sometimes the share option comes out according to the group setting and I copy the link, sometimes the send option comes out and I also have to be able to solve this problem.

Also I want to do the scraping continuously, how do I schedule it?

I tried to use the data template in general but I couldn’t get it to work in click scenarios, can anyone help me?

Hey @sfurkanberkay

Tricky project you have there - sounds like a challenge.

The problem here is the posts don’t have a visible link to click on and scrape.

The way you solve this is by adding a click into the process to get the link from the pop-up.

What you need to do [on the scraper model]:

  1. Click on the “Share post” icon

  2. Add a delay

  3. Scrape the link from the post

  4. Click on the close button

Video Demo here

Consider the link scraped also has an extra texts included (the name of the person) - this will break the link, so to format the links, add an extra step of “Add all links in text” to make sure it find the links from that value in the scraper.


Ivan Escobar