Scrape All group members fro facebook group

I have tried scraping facebook group but it scrapes only about 794 members, I have added 160000 scrolls to pages and group has about 16K members, how can i scrape data for all group members?


Here are a few possible solutions:

  1. Add a custom delay to the scraping action in the playbook - this allows time for the page to load as the scraper scrolls
  2. Ensure that all the 16k members are visible as you scroll through the member list. Facebook sometimes prevents users from seeing all the members of a group and only allows you to see certain cohorts of members (e.g mutual friends, new members etc)

If facebook is preventing you from seeing these members, then Bardeen won’t be able to scrape it either as the scraper can’t see those other members.

If you’ve tried the solution above and are still facing issues please reach out to us with the link to the facebook group and the playbook you are using. Thanks !

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also facing same issue. now it shows “your command returns witth no result”
how to solve it ?

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Hey @sophiapaul0303

That usually means that your scraper couldn’t get any results. Would you be able to share the playbook you are using and page you are trying to scrape please ? I’ll have a look