"No matches" error when trying to add existing list in Trello

Description of the issue:

I tried to connect with my Trello account to automatically create a new card every day. But Bardeen is unable to match the name of an existing list I have in Trello. I’m always getting a “No Matches” error message.

Error message (if applicable):

History shows “No errors”

Steps to reproduce this issue:

  1. Connect Trello to the Bardeen App.
  2. Create an Autobook for Trello
  3. Select “Create a Card”
  4. Select the time to trigger the command
  5. Enter “QA Team” as the board name
  6. Enter “Daily Progress” as the list name. Notice that the app throws a “No matches” response message. → [PROBLEM]
Bardeen version: ____


Link to Playbook or Autobook (if applicable):

Shared Playbook | Bardeen

:movie_camera:Video recording or screenshots (optional, but recommended):

Thanks for reporting in such detail!

We’ve reported the issue and hope to have a response to you soon!

One question, did you already tried removing the integration (in settings) and adding it back again?

yep, already tried that but no luck