Can't find the scraper models

I just found this fantastic video:

But, I can’t find the link to the LI scraping models.

Where are they?

Hi @megangarciaa, Welcome to the Bardeen Community :slight_smile:

There are two ways find Scraper Models created by Bardeen:
1. Through Bardeen’s scrape actions in a workflow

  1. Open Bardeen and create an automation
  2. Select either the “scrape data on active tab” OR “Scrape data in the background”
  3. On the field labeled: Using Scraper Template, simply search for a Bardeen built scraper:

    Templates built by Bardeen all end in “(by Bardeen)”. You can also extend these scraper templates or create your own.

2. Navigate to Website, Open Bardeen

  1. Navigate to the website you’d like to scrape
  2. Open Bardeen and select Scraper > New Scraper Template
  3. IF a Bardeen build scraper has been built for the website, it will prompt you to select a model to use:

    Again, noting that scraper models built by Bardeen end in “(by Bardeen)” and you have the option to build yourself.

I hope this helps!


Yep, that’s very accurate thanks Jess!

Great tutorial on how to find existing scrapers from Bardeen

We’ll consider this for our documentation! Can be a good :books: Knowledge Base item :eye:

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