My Scrape model not showing up in suggested models

Hi there! I can’t use the template of the scraper that i created. Whenever I try to add a template in the workflow I only see default models but the ones that i created they do not show up. What could be the issue? I have a list of in Google sheets. One of the columns is details_url. I want to go to that URL get the additional data and add it to the same row but in additional columns. It seems to be very simple, same as LinkedIn Enrich example but I simply cannot add my own Model :sob:

Hey tadasz, sorry you are having issues with selecting your own template. Are you able to provide a short loom video to shows us the name of your scraper template and what results you are getting when you try to select it?

Here you can find all of your scraper templates

Actually is simply started working yesterday! Not sure what exactly was the issue. Maybe just needed to restart the computer :person_shrugging: