Can I share my scraper model with somebody?

Hi Bardeen

I can share a playbook but cannot find a way to share a scraper model.

Hey @metton
I think that’s not possible atm.

Hi @metton :wave:

Right, there is currently no direct way of sharing personal models, but you can share playbook that contain scraper model, this way ppl you share the PB with will be able to execute the models as part of the playbook, but won’t be able to clone/copy those models.

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We are currently working on making this possible as part of a bigger feature release, so please stay tuned! We should have something within a few weeks.

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This has been on our radar for a while. It’s not yet possible, but it’s on the roadmap.

I’ll turn this into a :bulb:Share an idea so you (and other users) can vote for it.

This can help us prioritize :up:

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