Bug? LinkedIn to Google Sheet - "Current Position" field returns "Current Company"

Hi All,

Brand new here. Searched through the community and didn’t see anything about this. I’m scraping LinkedIn profile information to a Google Sheet. For someone’s current position, it’s just returning their company name. I’d like it to return their current position aka VP of Operations.

Any thoughts? Am I missing something in the setup? Thanks!

Hi Jacob

You mean the “current possition” field is empty for you?

I’ve ran it and it seems to be working. Are you using Bardeen’s scraper?

Can you share the automation?

Maybe is a specific case, can you share an example profile where it doesn’t work?

You can check or edit the LinkedIn scraper by opening it from a linkedin profile tab and “extending the model”.

Interesting, it seems to be working now. I recreated the scraper template and did the trick. Thanks!

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