Automating the export of Snov prospects to Google Sheets

I have Snov set up to scrape email addresses from the results of a Sales Navigator search and add these contacts to a Prospects list. What I’d like to know is if it is possible to export this list w/ email addresses to Google Sheets? And then possibly also format this spreadsheet in a certain way?

Hi Jim,

Definitely ! You can use our Add rows to google sheet action if it is a brand new google sheet or our update google sheet rows action if there is existing data and you want to enrich the existing data in the sheet. You’ll need to add either one of these to the end of your playbook after you’ve scraped the email addresses

I don’t think you’ll be able to format the spreadsheet. However, you can specify which column each field of data goes into. Hope this helps !


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Thanks @vin_bardeen . Sorry I am not sure how exactly I can link Bardeen with the prospects list on Snov in order for it to pull the data into Google Sheets. Are you able to give me an idiots guide to setting something like this up?

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