A Yet-To-Be Developed Use Case

I process orders for aircraft navigation databases for the ferrying of airline aircraft that are between leases, etc. I use a system that I built myself from Notion, which I use in conjunction with communications in gmail. I use a board view of a database to track the progress of the orders through the various stages.

As a new Page is created in the database from a Form in Tally Forms it initially does not have a Title for the Page. I have to manually build the Title from the order date and two of the Text fields in the Form. It is this step that I would like to see automated and Jess has given be the Blocks I need to achieve it, just waiting for the Page Created Trigger to be fixed.

Then I use the Title to create a folder in Sharefile to store the information in. Would also like to automate this if possible. Then I use the same Title to create a Label in GMail under the Label in Gmail corresponding to the Status in Notion. As the Card is moved from Status to Status in Notion, I attempt to keep the GMail Label synchronized with the Status. If this synchronization could also be automated, oh WOW!

IOW, If I were to move [2023-10-11 VH-XFE MSN-1319] from Discovery to Order in Notion I would like that same Label under Discovery in Gmail to automatically move to Order. I would probably save several hours per week!