Automation "every time page in notion database is updated" don't trigger if you don't put specific page name to argument

Description of the issue:

I’ve tried to set up notion automation: everytime page in notion updated, do that. But it only trigger if you put a specififc page name of the page in the playbook

Error message (if aplicable):

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no error message, playbook just don't trigger 

Steps to reproduce this issue:

The same as in the link for playbook below

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Same here.

The issue is more global : we can’t activate the trigger on only one property of the database but only on one entry identified “with name”.
I wanted to trigger an event everytime we change the “status” properties my “Tasks” database in notion.
If I put the name of one task in the “with name” prop, every update of this task is working. not only “status” prop of my tasks db…

Hi Gregory,

Thanks for sharing this idea, I’ve shared this idea with the product team. We don’t currently have this option in our Notion integration but we’re working on releasing some new Notion integrations soon.

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