Being able to create Relationships on Notion automations

Market opportunity spotted for Notion Being able to create Relationships on automation. []( []( That would open the possibility to relate databases. We saw the need while building the automation hub too For instance, 1. scraping a LinkedIn person and saving to a Notion database + 2. saving that person's company to another database, 3. And creating the relation between both.

Proposed by: Ivan Escobar - May 2,22

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Any plans to implement this feature? I’ve been waiting hopefully on it since before y’all moved out of Canny :slightly_smiling_face: It would make the Notion integrations so much more robust!

Hi Susan,

It is something that is on our roadmap but I don’t have an ETA for you unfortunately. Our engineers will post on this thread when this feature is made available. Thanks for your patience and I hope you’re enjoying Bardeen !

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