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Hi, I have about 1,000 different Google sheets with different url links. I want to scrape 4 different text areas from each url. On each Google sheet, the B tab is titled “link1” which is used for the urls.
I am using “ask for sheet” in the first action because I want to choose a different sheet to scrape each time. Since I use “ask for sheet”, it does not allow me to use a custom tab to choose and for it to find since they are all different sheets.
This also makes me unable to update the Google sheet because I cannot choose the url tab.

I want to use this playbook as a general for all scraper because it is collecting the same information. I choose to keep them separate because they are all different brands.

Is there any way to use a custom tab name when using “ask for sheet”? Especially since all of mine are the same tab title.

Is there a way for me to choose a custom tab and row when I use “ask for sheet” and update google sheet?

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Would you please share the link to this automation?

I assume you have the setup configured incorrectly. Selecting a specific tab by title of a GSheet is possible, but selecting a specific row is not possible. Bardeen will grab all rows of the selected tab. You can filter down those rows using other actions/conditionals after.

For future, it’s always best to share your automation links to help us further troubleshoot inquiries.
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I noticed I did step 2 incorrect because I did not grab from action 1. I do not see an option to scrape from my active tab.

It appears the “ask for sheet”/“ask for tab” inputs are configured correctly in your playbook. However, you cannot use the “Scrape data on active tab” to scrape multiple links from your GSheet. “Active Tab” in this action means, the selected/current web browser tab/window.

  • You have to use the “Scrape data in the background” action instead.

So there is no free way to use a google sheets map of links?

Not sure what you mean by “map of links”.

But as far as I know there is no free way to scrape from multiple links in one automation inside of Bardeen.

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I’m not sure I understand what you mean by map of links. If you could record a quick Loom video explaining, that would be amazing. If you’re getting links from a Google Sheet, you’ll need to have all the links in that sheet. You won’t be able to ask Bardeen to scrape from 10 different Google Sheets.

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