Correct "For loop" use


I successfully created an action that opens the links from a Google Sheet on different tabs in the browser. But I can only make it scrape the first tab for a link and click on it to open a fill-in form. Is the for loop in the wrong position?

Extra question for the prize: Is it possible to add formatted text in a field of the form (maybe copy-pasting it from a Google document)?

Thanks in advance!

Hier is the Playbook

Hi Jorge,

Thanks for reaching out. To help us troubleshoot this issue for you, could you share the Google Sheet with edit access to me ( Are you getting any error messages?


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Hello Lucy,

I just sent you the invitation. But I am positive that the problem doesn’t come from the GSheet.
No error messages, just scraping the first tab in the browser.
What about the formatted text?


Hi George,

Thank you for reaching out with this issue. The reason your playbook is only scraping the first tab which is opened is because you are using the “scrape data in active tab” command. Instead of doing that, I’d recommend that you use the “scrape data in background” command which will open every single tab in the background and scrape them there. Hope this helps!


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