Paste scraped table on new google sheets tab


This scraper gets the table from a URL that i already scraped and put into a google sheets document.
I created a scraper that almost works to my ideas. Only one issue i can’t solve.
I’d like this scraper to paste each scraped table on a new google sheets tab.
Now it pastes the table on tab one and then creates a new tab.

Does anyone have thoughts on how to solve this?



I can’t see the layout of the website you have shared because it requires a login. However, if I understand you correctly you would like each table scraped from the URL to go onto a separate sheet ? I don’t blieve that is possible with Bardeen.

However, if what you’d like to do is create a new tab and then put all the scraped results onthe new tab, that is possible.

Could you please clarify which one you’re trying to acomplish please


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Hi Vin,

I’d like to paste each table scraped on a new tab in the same google sheets document.

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